The Daily Sun Protection You've Been Looking For

The Daily Sun Protection You've Been Looking For

Learn about Kaelen Harwell’s UV blocking, totally transparent and earth-friendly Sun Salvation
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We know that regular sunscreen use can significantly reduce cancer and skin aging rates. And yet, the large majority of sunscreens on the market contain carcinogenic, dangerous ingredients. Clean Beauty brands are getting on board with natural sunscreen alternatives. Still, few offer daily wear options that are functional, nourishing and discreet unless you are ready for a ghost-like appearance.

Sun Salvation results from a desire for subtle natural UV protection by skincare brand Kaelen Harwell. Their non-toxic, vegan, organic products are rich in culinary ingredients and offer a truly aromatic experience. We chatted with their founders to learn about how Sun Salvation works.

What is Sun Salvation, and what makes it different from typical UV protection?

Sun Salvation is a natural UV blocker that is safe for people and the environment. It is coral reef safe, transparent and suitable to be applied beneath your favourite moisturizers and makeup. We wanted something that would be effective, suitable for regular use, and safe for our coral reefs. Coral reef damage from sunscreen use is extensive, as seen in this study. Sun Salvation results from our hard work and quest for an earth-friendly and human-friendly product.

It is great for all skin types and is non-comedogenic so that it won’t clog pores. It can be used before or after sun exposure and can also be used as a moisturizer.

What ingredients set this product apart from the ingredients used in similar products?

This is unlike other sun protection products on the market as it contains no zinc. We source cold-pressed red raspberry seed oil without additives for our Sun Salvation.  Red raspberry seed oil provides a broad spectrum of UV protection. In addition, we use hemp seed oil which is high in fatty acids. Sea buckthorn and broccoli seed oil can absorb UV rays. We source cold-pressed red raspberry seed oil with no additives. We use non-GMO vitamin E oil for its anti-aging properties and as a natural preservative.

Which ingredients are the most powerful?

The first ingredient in this formula is red raspberry seed oil, which has an SPF of between 25-50. This is supported by a recent research study accessed at One of the benefits of using this oil is that it protects you from UV rays while still allowing the body to absorb vitamin D.

How should Sun Salvation be used for the best results?

You only need a few drops of this delightful oil to cover your entire face. Sun Salvation is a great primer before applying your makeup. We suggest waiting about 15 minutes before you apply your foundation. It can be used before or after sun exposure and can also be used as a stand-alone moisturizer.

What does clean beauty mean to you?

Our definition of clean beauty is using ingredients that won’t harm us or the environment. Because “Clean Beauty” is largely unregulated, we feel it’s essential to get 3rd party certifications like CertClean and MADE SAFE®. We are also mindful of not using excess packaging and source sustainable ingredients.

Kaelen Harwell provides non-toxic skincare products using organic, sustainable ingredients. Their products offer an aromatic experience with their plant nutrient-rich offerings. They have an innovative, customizable product line to create personalized skincare. Their Sun Salvation isn't their only noteworthy product. Try their Brightening Strawberry Citrus Toner for a brightening effect.

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