We have a 3-step kit that we'd like to enter. Which category would it fit in?

None. Multi-product kits are currently not eligible to enter the Awards. You are welcome to enter each unit in their respective categories.

updated Feb. 23, 2021

Our brand does not have the CertClean certification yet, can we still participate in this Awards?

Yes! The Award is not limited to brands and products with the CertClean seal of approval; please ensure, however, the products meet the Award Standards.

updated Feb. 23, 2021

Where do we ship the package to? Option 1 of 2

Option1) Ship products directly to CertClean -- 4 units are required for each product entry. These products must be received by us before March 19, 2021. Jenise Lee (CertClean) c/o Jon Krashinsky 71 Durham St Guelph, ON Canada N1H 2Y4

updated May 11, 2021

Can I send travel or sample sizes instead of full-sized products?

The judging criteria includes: ease of use and user experience (along with product performance). This means, ensure that the size or packaging does not negatively impact any of the aforementioned criteria.

updated May 11, 2021

I've missed the deadline to ship to CertClean for March 19. What are my options?

Option 2) Ship products directly to the judges; -you will receive the addresses of the judges and will ship the products to them. For each product entry, you will ship out 1 unit to 3 judges, and 1 unit to CertClean. If you submit 2 product entries, you will ship out Product 1 to 3 judges and Product 2 to 3 different judges, and one unit of Product 1 and Product 2 to CertClean.

updated March 19, 2021

I got product(s) that are not listed on my dashboard. What do I do?

Please send the list of products (brands and product name) and or a photo of all the products (with the labels clearly visible) to info@certclean.com.

updated May 11, 2021

When is the deadline for the scores for all the products?

We need the scores before June ends. You will get reminder emails to submit your scores starting June 16.

updated May 11, 2021

How many categories am I judging?

Each Jury Box contains a maximum of 7 products - so if your dashboard shows more than 7 products, you may be judging more than one category. Click around to see the product names to see which category you're judging.

updated May 11, 2021