Sacha Inchi: The Secret to Younger Looking Skin

Sacha Inchi: The Secret to Younger Looking Skin

Learn how Bao Life Brand is harnessing the power of this ancient ingredient
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When chemist and Bao Life Brand founder, Julia Bao heard about Sacha Inchi and the research to support its amazing outcomes, she knew that she could use her chemist background to formulate outstanding skin care. Bao Brand’s Persephone Eye Serum is named after a goddess from Greek Mythology but the ingredients and their effectiveness are far mythical.

Bao Life Brand is a brand that is focused on developing scientifically proven products using entirely natural ingredients and key plant essences. Their Persephone Eye Serum is just on of their many successful formulations. Don’t take our word for it, we chatted with Bao Brand founder, Julia to learn all about how impactful their eye serum really is.

How does your Persephone Eye Serum embody clean beauty?

Persephone Eye Serum, like our other products, is made from natural, organic raw materials, with no harmful chemicals and no allergenic ingredients. Our clean, natural ingredients don't mean the skincare products work slowly, it means they are more targeted. We believe in getting rid of acne-causing and irritating ingredients. This allows the safe and effective ingredients to do their work, restoring your skin to a healthy state. The significance of clean beauty to our brand is an approach to a healthier lifestyle, that true beauty should not be at the expense of health.

What is Sacha Inchi and what makes it so effective?

Persephone is the goddess of spring, flowers, and plant harvests in Greek mythology. Sacha Inchi is the ingredient that makes our Persephone Eye Serum so effective. It is a magical plant from the Amazon that grows in the Andes Mountains of South America at an altitude of 200 to 1500 meters. Natural Organic Sacha Inchi Oil is rich in nutrients and contains as much as 90% unsaturated fatty acids. It is deeply moisturizing, anti-aging, prevents fine lines and age spots, is anti-inflammatory and repairing.

Combined with Sacha Inchi is Bisabolol. This ingredients is extracted from chamomile flowers and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can care for and protect sensitive skin, reduce acne and improve the skin's anti-irritant ability.

What does Persephone Eye Serum do to the skin?

The unique eye serum can reduce discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, and dark areas around the eyes. This rich and powerful age-managing oil effectively targets problem areas and boosts collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It suits all skin types, especially for the skin with the problem of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and loss of firmness and elasticity.

What sets Persephone Eye Serum apart from other similar products?

In addition to our two main active ingredients, the eye serum oil contains two kinds of fat-soluble vitamin C derivatives and vitamin E, which can effectively fight free radicals, inhibit melanin production, accelerate the growth of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, delay photoaging and prevent fine lines. Combined with squalane to form a natural protective layer, it protects the delicate eye area. Persephone eye base oil is non-irritating and highly safe. For even better results you can use it in combination with BAO Laboratory Rejuvenating Eye Essence.

What research have you discovered to confirm the effectiveness of sacha inchi?

This is an excellent resource to learn more about sacha inchi:

All About Sacha Inchi Botanicals Extract

How can consumers use this product most effectively?

We recommend using it right after cleaning the face or after toner. Use it as the serum at night before any other water-based serums and eye cream.

In addition to being an eye serum, this oil can also be used as an eye massage oil. For optimal impact, massage the skin of your eye areas with an eye massage device or your fingertips, allowing the serum to fully absorb into the skin. It can improve blood circulation around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

Julia Bao works hard to ensure that every product she creates is supported by solid research and clinical testing. Bao Life Brand’s Persephone Eye Serum is a unique blend of natural, earth friendly ingredients that are sourced with your skin in mind. Their Persephone Eye Serum isn’t their only amazing product. Their Midnight Mirage Antioxidation Facial Oil is also worth checking out.

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