Clean Beauty Awards finalist AVEGAN is more than just a beauty company

Clean Beauty Awards finalist AVEGAN is more than just a beauty company

Backed by vegan science, these products are different than most.
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Sally Malanga is a pioneer of clean beauty. Founder of AVEGAN Beauty and Ecco Bella, Malanga says, “What is now a trend, is a movement we helped create. We began out of protest to the use of animals and chemicals for products.”

Malanga and her team noticed a lot greenwashing in the beauty industry. Wanting to provide clean and cruelty-free products while being as sustainable as possible, they became early adopters of glass and recycled paper packaging with refills.

“At our company, we have established three questions that are the foundation of our product creation: Who will it help, who will it harm and how is it thrown away?” says Malanga.

We spoke with the AVEGA Beauty founder about the company’s Restore Night Cream, a finalist in CertClean‘s Clean Beauty Awards.

Why do you think your product was chosen as a finalist?

Our skincare products are different than anything else out on the market because they’re backed by vegan science. They’re a topical vitamin delivery system that uses FortiSomes technology comprised of microscopic liposomes that encapsulate and protect the deeply pigmented, patented plant-based nutrients that are time-released to be the most effective to transform your beauty.

Our Restore Night Cream is our most effective combination of deeply pigmented skin nutrients such as lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin that go right under your skin and protect collagen, improve hydration, and smooth out texture! CoQ10, and d-ribose energize the skin cells helping to create luminosity. Vitamins C & E, ceramides and hyaluronic acid bolster your skin over the long term.

Our Restore Night Cream helps replenish those precious ceramides that you wash away daily and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep – making it a great fan favourite.

Why did you create this product? What need were you fulfilling?

We saw a lack of truly clean, vegan skincare that was backed by science and formulated in a way to be most effective using the wonders of nature. So, we created a premium, plant-based skincare and beauty supplements brand that believes what we put on our skin should be healthy, organic, vegan, backed by science, and formulated with essential vitamins and ingredients that actually work!

Would you say this is your best-selling product? If not, what is and why?

This is definitely one of our top-selling products, but the star of the show is really our patented formula of our plant-based NutraChic Beauty Drink.

We believe that if you solely use topical skincare, you are only giving your skin half of what it deserves! Beauty starts from within and radiates out, and our NutraChic Beauty Drink supplement delivers crucial patented and proven nutrition to the body to build your beauty and nourish skin health. NutraChic helps support robust collagen, diminish fine lines, increase hydration and create radiance. It is holistic and wakes up every part of your body from the inside so that health and wellness radiate on the outside. One jar of NutraChic beauty supplement is equal to eight bottles of pills. It is a delicious way to pack in skin-saving nutrients and can be enjoyed in water, a smoothie, or a mocktail. We believe it is so popular because it’s a whole new philosophy for skincare and uses the powers of plants to transform skin in an easy, convenient, and yummy way!

What are the ingredients of this product and what do they do?

Science has proven the benefits of eating a diet rich in plants of all colours-vibrant greens, purples, reds, and oranges. Lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin are the precious deeply pigmented yellow and red life-enhancing substances found in marigolds, tomatoes and algae that go right under your skin! CoQ10, and its cohorts acetylcarnitine and d-ribose energize the skin cells help create luminosity. Super vitamin E with all eight factors is 50 times more powerful at protecting you from the effects of the environment than vitamin E alone. Astaxanthin, the royal carotenoid protects collagen, improves hydration and reduces roughness. Only NutraChic has these plant-based collagen-saving nutrients!

But the full ingredients list is below:

Nutrients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): 250mg, Vitamin E as d-alpha-tocopherol: 4.5mg, d-Mixed-Tocotrienol: 16mg, Carotenoid complex (lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin):16mg, Ribose: 500mg, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate: 250mg, Coenzyme Q10 as HydroQSorb: 15mg.Other ingredients: Inulin, Beet Root Powder (color), Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Rebaudioside-A (from Stevia Leaf Extract), Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit)

What does being named as a finalist mean to you?

We are overjoyed and grateful to be named as a finalist by CertClean because it means that all of our efforts to provide luxury, clean, and vegan skincare products that are truly effective have been recognized, enjoyed, and appreciated.

We are truly thankful for what CertClean does to promote safe, clean, and ethical personal care products.

Why is being a clean beauty brand important?

We think it is vital to provide consumers with clean, ethical beauty so they have the option to choose products that won’t harm themselves, the animals, and the planet. Because of the clean beauty brands shedding light on the issues of chemicals and cruelty through their messaging, consumers are becoming more aware of sustainable and safe products. It is creating a movement for better, cleaner products which is not only essential for our own human health, but for the fate of Earth and the creatures that inhabit it. Brands have a huge impact on consumer behaviour and being an example for clean and cruelty-free ethics influences consumers and other brands to make better choices.

What’s next for your brand?

We are currently crowdfunding and selling shares in our company so we can create more desirable plant-based products to serve the booming plant-based consumer demand while converting flexitarian buyers as well.

AVEGAN Beauty is a change-maker. The plant-based beauty market is estimated to hit $20B in just three years. Our investors can be a part of that future while making a big change for the health and wellness of humans, animals, and the planet by investing in vegan companies like ours.

But we wanted to make investing accessible for everyone, so interested investors who seek high rewards for themselves and for the planet can invest in us for as little as $100 on

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