Century Old Oriental Medicine Inspired this Skincare Line’s Amazing Products

Century Old Oriental Medicine Inspired this Skincare Line’s Amazing Products

Maehwasoo Serum is a perfect combination of ancient ingredients and modern knowledge
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Oriental medicine offers some incredible insight into the best use of natural, locally produced botanicals for ultimate skin care. Using century old practices and ingredients, Korean skin care company, SALVEO is developing beautiful products that are proven by generations of skin care lovers.

This brand is making their mark on the clean beauty market. Their Maehwasoo serum is a perfect example of their amazing products. The formula they have created includes mindfully selected Korean ingredients that have been used for centuries. Specifically developed with all skin types in mind, SALVEO's Maehwasoo serum stands out among similar products in their category. We chatted with their founder, Youngok Bok about what makes their impressive formula so impactful.

What makes your brand so clean?

When we formulate our cosmetics, we do not add artificial chemicals. We abstain from the use of any substances that aren’t good for physical health. We believe that the skin can be beautiful only when the body is also healthy. Additionally, we believe in a focus on the environment. After all, our environment greatly affects our physical and mental health. We strive to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment in all processes of making, packaging, and selling cosmetics, as well as the selection of raw materials.

You have a range of native Korean botanicals in your product. What are they and how do they work to improve the tone and texture of the skin?

At SALVEO we use a rage of powerful ingredients in our Maehwasoo serum. Panax ginseng extract, angelica root extract and hyaluronic acid are combined for the best possible results. Maehwa refers to the flower of prunus mume, and maehwasu is the Korean word for prunus mume flower water. Prunus mume is a native fruit tree in Korea. In gwangyang, where MESACOSA/SALVEO is located, the flowers and plums of prunus mume are one of the important agricultural products. In prunus mume flowers, there are substances that inhibit the action of collagen-degrading enzymes, making skin collagen healthy, and activating the action of AQP3 which helps to moisturize the skin. Along with the antioxidant action of plum blossoms, this formula helps to keep the skin healthy and elastic. Panax ginseng has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and is a representative medicinal plant in Korea. It offers amazing results for both physical and skin health. Angelica gigas, also called Korean angelican or cham-dangquai in Korean, is a perennial plant that is used in traditional medicine.  Its roots are especially good for women's health as it purifies the blood and helps the discharge of waste products. As a natural raw material, hyaluronic acid is widely used in moisturizing cosmetics due to its excellent effect on skin moisturizing.

What sets this product apart from similar products?

Prunus mume flower used in Maehwasoo Cosmetics are grown directly and organically using compost without the use of pesticides. It is made with 100% natural ingredients, including over 80% certified organic ingredients. In order to maintain the highest quality of products, we do not mass-produce. Instead we adhere to the method of small-volume production only when there is a customer's order.

How did you discover the effectiveness of prunus mume flower extract?

I researched the efficacy of prunus mume flower extract as my project for my doctoral thesis. The results of my research are registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Is there a special way that this product should be used?

Maehwasoo can be used as an effective in moisturizer and to relieve itching caused by dry skin. The product should be applied evenly over the entire face and tap with your fingertips as if playing a piano for absorption.

Tell us more about how MESACOSA was founded.

SALVEO is an herbal aromatherapy cosmetic that is formulated by me, an aromatherapy expert with 23 years of experience. I also have a PhD in Oriental Medicine. I founded the brand on the belief that oriental medicine, ancient botanicals and natural ingredients have the power to improve the skin and ensure optimal health.

SALVEO is an impactful and beautiful beauty brand that is using oriental medicinal methods to develop useful, safe and gentle skin care. Their founder’s background and experience means that every product is created with centuries of accumulated knowledge. Their well researched selection of key ingredients is unlike any other beauty brand on the market.

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