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This rose serum delivers skin a luminous look while moisturizing the skin and improving fine wrinkles. Find your natural glow with our exclusive acai ingredients - elder elderberry, raspberry, Indian gooseberry, rosehip fruit, and plum. Damask rose water, marigold extracts create a healthy moisture barrier. Elderberry, which is loaded with vitamins, and Indian gooseberry extracts support skin elasticity and health. Delivers deep hydration from inside and provides radiant glow all at once. A serum is infused with dried Damask rose and Damask rose petals freshly picked by hand daily, made using natural extraction and infusion methods to preserve the active ingredients in our plant-based materials. This means effects, not just scent or even the rose's freshness, go straight to skin. Savor the elegant softness of serenity inducing real rose.
Jesica Williams

For red, irritated skin, this product is ideal. Also, light enough to use as a makeup primer. - Jesica


Incredibly soft and smooth skin without feeling sticky. Even if used alone, it has a deep hydration effect and smells nice. - Dima